Pix-l-tron, my MiniLD #45 entry. Theme was low-level.

A Robotron variant which mixes some ideas from my LD27 game with a "15 second" theme of its own. Clear the screen of enemies, but pick up the crates before the timers go to zero. Each consecutive crate is a little farther away than the last one. The first level has 500 enemies, the second 1000, etc.

Written in C using MinGW and SDL2. I am new to both, so I hope the executable works on other people's computers.

I wrote a minimalist game engine from scratch. The entire game is about 800 lines of code. It does most stuff you need for a basic game: bitmaps, sound, fonts, tiles, keyboard/mouse. I found SDL2 docs are sparse, so this code may be useful for anyone who wants to make a game in SDL2.

I know, the sprite-tile collision mechanics are rather sloppy/buggy, but that doesn't seem to make the game less fun.